August 14, 2010

NOVA Open, Round 4 Results

Objectives win conditions, I end with 4 to his none, 1895 bps to his 990, and 3 quarters to his one.

Highlights included Mephiston going nuts and killing a grey hunter squad, twc lord, and some twc before going down. My dice returning and deciding to make up for horrid rolling the game previous. And the general look of surprise on his face as my army dropped down and only scattered 1d6.

At the bottom of 6, he had 3 drop pods left.


  1. Aww fuck it. First Sandy with his Sang Guard BatReps, now you owning face with them...gotta build me that army...

    Well done John, and unlucky to lose a game - but you seem to be having fun and making friends, so it's all good.

  2. I might have to try John's version of the list sometime. :)