August 14, 2010

NOVA Open Results!

Stelek is an Ace and going to day 2.

Danny Internet won Renaissance Man - ticket to Vegas and all that.


  1. What kinda results are those? How'd you do?

  2. Went 3-1. Did not go to day two. Andy has a bye, so we get to sleep in. Thank the maker!

  3. Stelek is the top player going into Day 2 and has a BYE in the first round? How does that work?

  4. Because there are more than 8 on second day?

  5. Oh, so then there are some number of 3-1s playing in wild card games to get into the last 3 games today? So 4 total games today, but none of the 4-0s play the first one?

  6. nope jwolf..i finnaly after some talks on ytth got it....

    There are 8 on the second day but only one of those with 4-0 can win the tournament. there were 5 of them so to get to brackets one of the 5 need to lose a tiebreaker so he can gets to the losers brackets.

    So 2 of the 4-0 played a game, one lost get to the 3-1 "losers" side and one get`s to semifinals.

    Seems weird for me but is their choice

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  8. So they take the guy with the crappiest 4-0 record and make him play a 3-1 guy.

    That gives us three 4-0 guys and one 5-0 guy playing in a 4 player tournament. A four-way tournament can be settled by 2 rounds.

    #1 plays #4
    #2 plays #3

    Assuming that the higher ranked player wins, then:

    #1 plays #2 (for 1st place)
    #3 plays #4 (for second place?)

    There is also a 2 round "loser" bracket for the players that have lost at least one game.

    So instead of a 3-round tournament to narrow 8 players. We have two 2-round tournaments to narrow 4 players each.

    Is that how it works?

  9. Yeah you hit it on the head mker, except it was five 4-0 players so the bottom two 4-0 played off in the early morning than 2 rounds of the last 4 players.

  10. Not as I understand it. As far as I was aware, they gave a Bye to everyone except the bottom 2 4-0 guys. They play, so one is 5-0, along with the three 4-0 who did not play. They others are all now 4-1, and play continues as normal.

  11. No Mkerr.

    5 players continue toward Tourney Champ (Best General). Best Overall is Renaissance Man, which was determined on Saturday. It will be determined on Sunday next year, b/c everyone plays next year formally.

    Since 5 is not a practical number, Round 5 consists only of #4 vs. #5.

    The winner of 4/5 plays #1 in Round 6, and #2 plays #3 in Round 6.

    Meanwhile, loser of 4/5 plays the lowest of the top 3 x 3-1 finishers, while #6/7 (3-1) play each other. The x-1 guys are basically battling for ranking.

    So it's a 3 round final, where only 2 people play in round 5. It would have been 4 if the full 96 paid slots had attended, b/c there would have been 6 x 4-0.

    Also, all the people who hung out to open game on all our lovely tables / terrain for Day 3 got free beer (Sam Adams Summer Ale).

    Finally, to all the people saying it was only a 1 day event, fuck off. I paid out of pocket to ensure there was active gaming, events, live broadcasting with interviews of all players, cheap or free drinks and food, etc. all weekend in response to the popularity of the event. Seriously, chill on it. I'm sorry that everyone who went had a great time.

    Next year we'll go full con, to boot.

  12. I would've loved to go to the NOVA Open this year, if timing would've allowed. But my interest would've been getting to know a ton of efolks that I haven't had a chance to meet over the "there can be only one" tournament.

    Flying across the country and spending 3 days away from my work and family for a single elimination tournament is a tough sell. Once you have lots of other organized events (next year!), it won't really matter if you were eliminated from one tournament because there will be a second tournament to join.

    I love the idea of a single elimination tournament that spawns additional tournaments from the eliminated players.

    For example - here's a 96-person event called Tournament A:

    Round 1: 48 players eliminated from the 7-round event. Those players start a new 6-round single elimination event called Tournament B.

    Round 2: 24 players eliminated from Tournament A and 24 players players eliminated from Tournament B, start a new 5-round single elimination event called Tournament C.

    Round 3: 12 players from Tournament A, 12 players from Tournament B and 24 players from tournament C start a 4-round Swiss-style event called Tournament D.

    Players eliminated from Tournaments A, B and C are introduced into the pairings of Tournament D between rounds. Tournament D continues to grow until the end.

    That might be really, really cool (and you still get THREE elimination tournaments to find the best of the best).

  13. Mkerr, something to think about for those three days:

    We had open gaming on Friday this year, and a bar available. I was amazed at how much fun people were having.

    Saturday was 4 rounds of gaming, and our timing control was excellent without cheating anyone out of their last move.

    Sunday was the finals, but we also had open gaming and pitchers of Sam Adams available for those who wanted it at no charge.

    I realize that not everyone wants to gamble on being in the Sunday rounds, but we made sure that those who remained could enjoy a day of gaming on good tables with great terrain, at a well-staffed event with free beer and great company. Anyone who didn't want to play was less than ten minutes from the Smithsonian Air and Spance museum, which, honestly, if you haven't seen you really ought to. Frankly, our turnout was such that everyone left wanted more games, and we were happy to oblige.

    I can tell you that I worked Saturday 6am until Sunday 2am between the tournament and the after-hours discusssion with our players and have never had a better time. Our guests were a fantastic group and I do feel sad that you weren't able to come and share in this weekend. We'll look forward to seeing you net year!


  14. @kazzual: That really sounds fantastic -- and, like I said, I would've loved to be there.

    But open gaming on Friday and watching other people play on Sunday, isn't the same thing as three days of organized play -- even with free beer!

    The absolute best thing about any event are the people in attendance -- every Adepticon and WGC impresses that upon me. People who all love the same hobby can make lemonade out of just about anything -- if the NOVA had been in a 90 degree garage with terrain drawn on the floor, I suepect everyone would've still had a blast.

    That's the best thing about our community!

    Again, I think it's awesome that you had such an excellent event -- but I'm equally glad that you are planning 3 days of organized play next year.