August 16, 2010

NOVA Open: Army Thoughts

So I had a great time and went 3-1 with my army... but I need to add a disclaimer: my pure Sanguinary Guard army is NOT competitive.

Yes, I beat 3 tournament armies and 2 friendly games as well. But I lost spectacularly to Sam in round 3 because, unlike my other opponents, had A) had a good list and B) wasn't dazzled by my army deep-striking all around him. Not to say the other 3 were noobs or had bad lists, but they either didn't have the low AP guns or power weapons, or they just weren't able to isolate and remove threat elements.

On day 2, I was asked to play Joe Strongblood's Blood Angels for his placement round, because his opponent had left. He also had a decent army list and knew how to protect his stuff - he never gave me the chance to use my 2+ armor with FNP. It was a slaughter.

I knew this coming into the tournament. I had decided to take it as a fun list... and I had a TON of fun and got lots of comments on it.

So as a final warning:



  1. It's because you didn't walk around calling it Nipplewing :P.

    Congrats on the wins and having a ball though. Take me as your luggage next year ;P?

  2. A little tweaking (either to add HG+VV or missiles or RAS) and the army gets a lot more reliable and versatile.

    <3 the Nipplewing

  3. Mephiston still has his nipples.

  4. Based on my experience with the Emo-Wing, you did about as well as could expected.

    FNP only adds about 8.3% to your survivability over a straight 2+ save. Anything that can get through your 2+ is going to nerf the FNP roll as well.

    So the only real reason to take SangPriests is to get Furious Charge so you can power weapon Marine squads to death before they get to fight back.

  5. Well, the idea of playing a fully deep striking BA army is legitimate since all BA jump packers have the DoA rule.
    I'd add some more variety to this list, like Assault squads with meltas, Honor Guard, and Vanguard Vets who can eventually charge upon arrival.