August 19, 2010

NOVA Open, Game 1 BatRep

Game 1 vs Nathan M (finished 69/88 looks like 1-3)

His list (doing this from memory/pic now will double check list I have at home tonight):

Sang Priest - nekkid
2 x 5 Assault Marines (NoJP), Melta, Razback w/ AssCan
2 x 6 Assault Marines (NoJP), Melta, Razback w/ AssCan
8 or 9 Scouts (there's 9 in pic, but w/ 8 comes to 1997 points, so am unsure)
3 Attack Bikes (2 MM, 1 HB)
2 LandSpeeders HvyFlam/MM
Baal Pred, AssCan + HB Spons
2 Vindicator

Primary Mission: Victory Points
Secondary Mission: Objectives
Tertiary Mission: Table Quarters

Deployment: Dawn of War

I won roll to go first and opted to do so, deploying Mehpiston and two SG units on the table at center... I mean, why not? He deployed Mephiston and tried to do 2 Assault Squads in their Razbacks. I told him that it sucks, but that the unit and the transport count as separate units - he wanted to doublecheck, so we grabbed a judge that confirmed what I said. So he deployed the one unit. This was his first mistake: he should have had it all come on together. Maybe have Mephiston on so that he can gain Wings - but far enough away from my Meph to not get charged.

He fails to Seize.

Turn 1

I move my squads slightly to the right. I don't want to give Meph a free meal - and I want to bait out his Vindicators.
He obliges me and brings his Vindi's on right in front of my squads and spreads his army. Another really big mistake. Yes, his weapons all only have 24" range, but he needed to bring everything in at the far side and use that 24" range to the best he can. His whole army shoots and I lose 1 SG model and a wound on Meph. He's holding his scouts and Baal in Outflank.

Turn 2

I get 2 of my 4 SG squads in - drop one on the left to tie up his army from supporting his left flank, and send a squad each to deal with each Vindi and the speeders - Mephiston goes for the Razback containing the Priest. I blow the weapon off one Vindi, stun the other, and down both speeders. Squad on the left kills the HB bike.

Mephiston assaults and destroys the Razback.

His weaponless Vindi tankshocks and gets outta Dodge, while Meph comes over to get a little Meph on Meph action going. With the Priest right there I know he's got me, but that's ok - I'm willing to trade Queens here. On the left he forms a circle of death for my squad - but even with all that shooting, a model still lives!

Meph goes in to play with himself - he gets off Preferred Enemy, I get off Str 10, we hood the other powers. With Furious Charge, he goes at Init 8, and gets 5 hits and does 4 wounds... I'm dead. Bummer, I at least wanted to put a couple wounds on him. He consolidates the wrong way - going onto hill that we determined is difficult terrain, but doesn't provide cover - he should have gone into the razorback wreck.

Turn 3

I get my last 2 units on and bring them down into the fray. My one model goes way out left and shakes a razback, while Dante and his squad drop next to another and nuke it. Around Mephiston, I create a Charlie Foxtrot of a mess, involving 3 of my squads and 4 of his. I shoot Mephiston a lot, putting 3 wounds on him.

Then I charge in, getting guys on the live Vindi, his assault squad (2 units), Mephiston (all 3 units), and his attack bikes - note my Priest in the center giving all squads Furious Charge. Mephiston kills 3 models from a unit of mine, but I nearly wipe out what he has left leaving 2 models from the assault squad that stay. Oh, and I  failed to hurt the Vindi. This fight was really the key to the whole game.

On his turn, instead of running and gaining distance he brings his living razbacks and squads over to help, but to shoot, not to assault. His Scouts outflanked into my back left corner, his Baal came in near Dante's squad to shoot. Not much happened except me finishing off the assault without losing anyone.

Turn 4+

I spend the rest of the game chasing down his units, getting everything except 3 vehicles - all damaged: the Baal, a Vindi, and a Razorback.

I win - 1771 VP to 570 (other than Mephiston, he didn't kill much), 3 objectives to none, and 3 quarters to 1.


  1. God, what BA armies *didn't* have Mephiston?

  2. I don't understand... there is a possibility of not taking him?

  3. I hate the fact that Mephiston is soooo good that he is taken in a (insert bad phrase) of lists.

    It's like Logan in Space Wolves lists.

  4. You can leave Logan home and still make a winning SW list.

    Sadly, there is no reason to not take Mephy for his points.

  5. I didn't bring Logan.

    Don: Sure there is.


  6. I always just think of him as the Hulk.


    Seriously, I thought he was just a gimmick, but he really serves a purpose.

  7. So where's your other batreps for the Nova?

  8. >>>> "So where's your other batreps for the Nova?"

    this. im really considering a sanguinary guard based army and

    1) Id love to read more bat reps regarding them
    2) Id love to read more articles on this site anyway - but you're slow as fuck with the updates sometimes!

  9. Sorry - I go away for a weekend to do the NOVA and work punishes me when I come back with 70 hour work weeks... :-(

    Next batrep is up.