September 19, 2010


Kicked out of my house.

Twitter #Herrimanfire

[update Tues, 9/21]
Added pic of what was coming towards my house Sunday night. Still not allowed home, maybe tonight. Maybe.

September 14, 2010

To Run a Con...

So I'm going to run YetiCon for 2011 from beginning to end. Wow. I feel a bit like doctor Frahnkenshteen above.

This is my first time ever arranging such an event... okay, any event other than something like my son's birthday party - this should be marginally more complex. I'm going to be posting here the things I learn, the things with which I struggle, my victories and defeats.

September 13, 2010

NOVA Open, Game 4 BatRep

Game 4 vs Michael J (finished 50/88, went 2-2 - I know because we were both 2-1 coming into this game)
As usual, at the end of the day I was running out of my ability/desire/memory to take pics during the game, so I have 2 for you. Yeehaw.

There's not a lot to learn from this game - except that if you're going to run mixed Space Wolves (which is totally feasible), then you've got to know how to support your own units when you play against a non-standard list (like mine).

September 10, 2010

Nipple-Wing, Take 2

So after taking the Original Nipple-Wing to the NOVA Open, I decided to review what I learned about the Shiny Ones.

A - They can actually be quite competitive given the right scenarios
B - They have several shortcomings that when exploited leaves you with a sound, sound beating.

September 4, 2010

I'm a Net Celeb, Yay Me!

So I finally listened to the two podcasts from the NOVA Open. At the time, the Gamer's Lounge seemed to have a little bit more organization - and of course they had the ustream going. The 11th Company was also there, and while theirs seemed a bit more informal at the time, with post-processing they end up sounding much better.

I'm on both, but the 11th Company I'm not being overshadowed by the presence of Chumbalaya (jerk). I start talking at 1:56:35 on Episode 30.

Also, if by some miracle you came here first, and haven't been over to YTTH lately, we just announced YetiCon. Go forth and check it out!