August 5, 2010

Nerd Rage

So I have been invited to play in the NOVA Open's Friday Night Fights. I have been paired up against Chumbalaya of Blackjack & Hookers fame. He sent me an email telling me how great it would be to trash "a true follower of Stelek." You know what? Screw you.

I am not a "true follower of Stelek." I am not anyone's "follower" - yup, you found my hot button and pushed it. Yes, Andy is my friend and I am one of the owners of YTTH - but I do not follow him!!!


I'm so mad that I can't even think coherently enough to tell you how bad of an ass-kicking good-ol' Chumby's gonna get at the hands of a non-Stelek-approved list that I will hand to him at the game, by waiting unitl he bends over to get his case/army/rulebook/whatever and shove it right up his ass!!

I ask, implore... nay, demand that you flood B&H's comments section telling him what a colossal prick he is.


  1. Oh boo hoo, Stelek's pet poodle is mad. Your face is dumb and you are bad at Warhams.

    Choke on a barrel full of dicks.

  2. Chumby hit a nerve.

    I think he gets crap about being a 'disciple' of Stelek.

    I can understand how being called a 'follower' might be annoying. I would get a bit peaved if people started calling me a SandWyrm 'follower'. Which would be ironic.

    just give him a good Care Bear stare.
    I'm disappointed it didn't work out for me to make it.

    have fun anyway. it's only a game.

  3. Ah that's funny. Especially Chumpalaya's reaction. Great theatre.

  4. If you don't want to be considered a side-show, MAYBE you should write more on your blog???

    Just sayin.


  5. This is why people should name their followers =p.

    For example, I am the great leader of the Pink Army. Any who dispute me shall be pinkified!

    Oh and on a serious note, pics pls :). Especially when you ram your army up Chumby's ass lol. Maybe break his leg again :P?

  6. I think St John is going to lose to our mighty green Chumb.

    Not that it matters, you BOTH pale in comparison to my incomparable might! to the incomparable? Hrmm...I maybe didn't think that one through...Fact time?

    Chumby has 174 Blog Posts to St John's 31 here, and a few on YTTH...AND a third again as many Followers of his own...OH! this is his chance to become Major League, finally... :p

    Hope he doesn't crack under the pressure...

  7. Farmpunk, get back in your cage! ;)

    Gotta agree with Purgy though, you need more blog.

  8. I always thought chumby was a hardcore stelek-ite actually.

  9. I thought the term was Stelektite...or maybe it's Stelekmite, I don't recall.

  10. I'm not a glue, and if Chumpalaya is in 'my corner' he needs to kiss Johns ass some more.

    Good luck little C-man, you'll need it.

    Just remember if John starts beating you, start with 'of course' after every bullshit roll. It's what he does to me! ;)

  11. My followers are Imaginary... just like my friends.

    Go Chumby!!! You can do it. Get tabled in 4 turns <3


  12. Got the lube Chumby? Or you got a barrel for John? :P

  13. ahh I have just the thing to help the ass-packing go well.

    I actually have a tube of it in my game kit. because it's funny. ok, and because it IS useful. I've used it to lube more than a few o-rings. and my kid's flip-top sandbox.

    for all those 'no petroleum product' times.

  14. "Parker Super O-Lube is nontoxic and non-irritating under normal conditions. It will not clog 30 micron filters and is unusually moisture resistant and adheres with unusual tenacity."

    Sounds useful.

    Sure it can be upsetting, but it is not that big of a deal. Deal with it maturely and bring your A-team to the game.

  15. The number of people who don't get this is a joke is pretty awesome.

  16. haha. I first read Chumby's post on his website, and realized it was all joke shit talking, but John playing along makes it that much more awesome.