August 30, 2010

NOVA Open, Game 2 BatRep

Game 2 vs Bob S (finished 24/88, looks 3-1 from his score)

>>> WARNING <<<
Do NOT click pics to see zoomed version - you will think you need glasses. This is the last time I try to use a phone camera for pics (who cares if it's 8 megapixels if you can't see %#@*?).

His List - Ultramarines:

Libby, Null Zone & Gate of Infinity
3x Dreadnought, 2 TL-Autocannons
2x 10 Tac Marines, Flamer/Missile in TL-Las Razback
5 Tac Marines, Sgt combi-flamer in TL-Las Razback
2x 2 Typhoon Landspeeders
2 HF/MM Landspeeders
3x Predator, AC/Las-sponsons

Primary Mission: Objectives
Secondary Mission: Victory Points
Tertiary Mission: Table Quarters

Deployment: Pitched Battle

I win roll to go first and opt to have him go first - I want to make objective grabs last.

He deployed "okay" - not bad, but not great (pic up top). For true deepstrike defense with no template worries, everything should be clustered as close as possible, with some units out to prevent me from being in close melta range on the drop.

I deploy Mephiston all by his lonesome behind a hill.

Turn 1 (no pics cause not much happened)
He shoots what he can at Mephiston - which isn't much, I had a nice hill to hide him behind, and puts a wound on him.
I move up Mephy to a spot that makes him really hard to shoot.

Turn 2

He brings his MM speeders around the bend and put another wound on him.

I drop - focusing mostly on the left side, but spread out because there's just not a lot of AP2 in his army.
With shooting, Dante's squad shoots up the Librarian's squad causing him to make a save, which he promptly fails and dies (Dante's curse, ftw) and the squad runs off the table. While minorly important, this was emotionally crushing to Bob. I also killed one typhoon and shook the other and then blew the multimelta off one back speeder and shook the other - mebbe one or two marines died to squad shooting..
Mephy jumps out of cover for giggles and kills a squad, opting to ignore the Dread and penetrate deeper (mistake).

Turn 3

On his turn, the razbacks and predators shot at squads killing a couple, only putting one pred into Mephiston, giving him 1 more wound... ok, I accept. (At this point everything that could have, should have gotten into a razorback - and Mephiston should be d-e-a-d.)
He decided the dreads would work better as unit tarpits rather than shooting (good choice) and assaulted two of my units with them (one with, one without a pfist). They all stare at each other angrily.

I'm able to assault enough that I'm not worried about efficiency, so I start throwing units around in the backfield where the can do nothing except annoy some speeders, but claim objectives. Mephiston starts his 1 turn, 1 vehicle rampage - downing a pred. I also shoot the razback on the left and killed the occupants - he now has 2 scoring units left (about to be 1, from the assault on the right). The dread assaults go nowhere.

Turns 4 & 5

On his turn, he still mostly ignores Mephiston, shooting up Dante's squad (behind cover), he did shoot one MM at Meph and got him down to 1 wound left. His dread on the right comes up to help in the assault. My left squad finally remembers they have a pfist and kill the dread - time to start hunting!

Mephiston kills a pred turn, then a razback - I hunt down all his speeders except one squadron that's missing weapons. My squad in center stays with the dread - doing nothing to each other. He kills a couple more marines, but only kills one squad outright.

Turn 6

He sends his speeders over to contest objective in my back left, hoping to tie up unit in center with dread, and get the dread on the right to tie up a lone marine I have there to grab objective - but it's a lost cause... even if everything goes his way, I still have 2 squads within range of grabbing the forward left objective and he has nothing left to contest.

I send Mephiston after the dread in the center and bring it down, so the squad can sweep onto the objective in the center. I grab the back left objective and my one marine grabs his since his dread couldn't kill my other marine.

In the end he had a dread and two speeders left - I've lost one squad, 2 are below half, and Mephy is wounded.

I win, 3 objectives to none, 1695 VP to 640, and 3 table quarters to none.


  1. Captchas are fail.

    You need to adjust the settings on your phone. Or it sucks. Or it's just you. =D

    I like his list, not so much the tactics.

  2. I don't have captcha's turned on. Maybe it's just because it knows that you're spam...

    Either that, or Blogger keeps turning it on for me after I've turned it off 5 friggin times.

  3. That'd be blogger for you.

    I'm curious as to why he took a save on the Libby if he had been Dante cursed. Or was it an overlap wound?

    At least the pictures clearly show what's going on. Blue stuff. GOld stuff. Shoebox.

  4. He had to - I did 7 wounds to the unit, there were 6 models, including the Librarian.