August 17, 2010

NOVA Open - Army Pics, pt 2

More army pics, more to follow...

Medic w/ wounded guy

Bah, having problems getting the rest of the pics onto my pc here ... will have to wait until later to upload them. But I did get the pic Monty requested - the hall pic. Note that the nearest row of tables is cutoff (you can see pplz heads). For detail purposes, the 40k players are close, the Fantasy are the furthest. The lowest 20 tables for 40k had felt for table base, the top 24 had painted/graveled terrain boards. Most terrain was pretty consistent. Also, this was just after Round 1, so if you see people playing near to the camera, don't worry, they weren't necessarily relegated to the lower tables.

I spy with my little eye... Chumbalaya, Hulksmash's back, DashofPepper, Mark (guy who placed 2nd), Sam (dick... er, nice guy who crushed me), Don Mondo, Islyfe, & Mobious.


  1. Its sad that it took me over a minute to find myself in that photo...

  2. Ah, I remember seeing you take this pic. CHEESE

  3. That makes islyfe the bald guy staring stupidly! One down...

    I'd be curious to know how the Fast'N'Slow guy did.

  4. That Khorne army looks the nuts! Which one is Chumby then? I've got an idea who he might be on that photo.

  5. Someone tell the guy with the first pic to stop running his cheat raider.