August 16, 2010

Heading Home

Well it's time to head on out.

I would really like to thank Mike Brandt for working with us and keeping pushing so that we made the trip. Honestly, the cost was nearly the same as our trip to Vegas for the 2008 GT (travel was $200 more, food $25 less, event $100 less, and lodging $100 less - so we came out on top!).

The event was a blast!  I met a lot of great people - practically every one of them would be someone I would hang out with and would DEFINITELY play a game with.

Special props go out to Bob, Sam, Nathan, and Michael (my opponents), and Chumby, Islyfe, Mobious, and the rest of the Grim crew.... and especially Mike (again) and all his wonderful crew (except John - you'll be getting a bill from my ear doctor, holy hell man ;-) ).