May 5, 2010

Budget Scissors

This is a fun army... I've played with it and it can really hit hard, but it can also get swept under the rug. The great thing about it is that it doesn't cost a lot to acquire.

First, the list:

Blood Angels - 2000 pt

Dante - 225
Mephiston - 250

3 x Sanguinary Priest w/ Jumppack - 225

4 x Sanguinary Guard, 1 x Infernus Pistol, 1 x PowerFist - 220 - 880
2x Sanguinary Guard, 1 x Infernus Pistol - 210 - 420

Now the cost:

6 x Sanguinary Guard box ($33 ea)
1 x Dante ($17)
1 x Mephiston ($20)
3 x Sanguinary Priest ($15 ea)
1 x Space Marine Jumppacks bits ($8)
That's $288 before any discounts, $244.80 with 15%. You can also save $30-40 by using Assault Marines instead of the actual Sanguinary Guard.

Yup in 2000 points you have exactly 35 models (most with 2+ save and FNP). Use them well!

I'll try to get a BatRep in - I've played the army twice (using proxies, wasn't sure how well this "experiment" would go). Won the first fight with only losing 5 models, lost the second - got almost tabled, but the other guy had a Land Raider  that would not die (15 short range fusion pistol shots... no dice) and one Troop squad Drop Podded in on Turn 5 on the other side of the table on an objective.


  1. I'm doing something very similar. Dropping a few SG for VV and an HG for Dante is very useful. VV let you tear up bubblewrap or tank bunkers on the drop, plus provide storm shields you need, and HG can drop in without scatter and bring massed melta to bear. Flamers are also an option. Plus, the FNP/FC bubble is too good to pass up.

    Keep using all SG boxes and it ends up quite cheap.

  2. Hmmnnn... A cheap fun assault army? I'm getting very tempted by this.

  3. Well, more than tempted, I just picked up my first SG box tonight. :)

  4. You go Wyrm! I've recv'd Dante & Mephiston - my 6 boxes of SG should be arriving from The War Store tomorrow!
    Now GW just needs to get the BA Sanguinary Priest back in stock...

  5. Now the real question is whether I'm crazy enough to true-scale these figs. :)

  6. Interesting...

    Any bat reps John?

  7. Not yet - just got the models. I'll put 'em together next week and get a batrep in.

    I don't recall enough from the proxy games except what I already listed.

  8. It's funny, I was having an argument earlier about how this list might be able to kinda

    I'm going to be keeping an eye out so I can link it being successful. :)

    Oh, and John, you're an expert on Immos - the top plate, reckon it could be cut behind the turret mount easily enough? I want front turrets for Predators - T-34 FTW!

  9. You can actually make this by using 7 Sanguinary guard box sets. Just use The Sanguinator instead of Mephiston and drop some powerfists. Comes in at $231 retail then.