May 16, 2010

Ardboyz Results and Thoughts

Mmm, overslept this morning - needed a recharge after yesterday.

On to the stuff! I placed 2nd - so while I can't crow about it, my YTTH creds won't be revoked.

Oh, and the pic? It's there because A) my camera died after the first pic in game 1 (stupid not checking the batteries)... but more importantly B) I got several compliments on bringing a "fluffy" Thunderwolf Cavalry based list. TWC are fluffy? Thankfully my years of high school theater, er theatre, enabled me to keep a straight face and accept such praise in the spirit in which it was given.

Quick note to all you Scenario 3 Naysayers: The guy that placed first was running a version of Immolator Spam - and had 57 Kill Points to give in game 3! He played a guy with somewhere in the 30 - 35 KP  range and tabled him. But I did feel the pain in game 3, I had 36 KP in my army and had nearly tabled my opponent (stupid weaponless Baal Pred that would not die!), but because his army only had 31 to start, I got 28 KP from him and he was able to claim 25 of mine, meaning only a minor vic for me.

The Good:
  1. The store had a decent amount of space. 
  2. We had 18 players show up; there were 6 tables upstairs and 3 down. 
  3. The competition level seemed pretty decent from what I was able to tell. 
  4. The people were pleasant.
  5. I enjoyed myself. Note that while the Bad & Ugly are to follow, nothing of them ruined my experience.
  6. All rules disagreements were able to be resolved with usage of the rulebook (which is a good thing, because calling the ref would have meant... well, see The Ugly).

The Bad:
  1. We started late and kept it late. Supposed to start at 11, got going at 11:45. 30 min break after game 1 turned to 40, 20 min break after game 2 was 30... ugh, just was there late. 
  2. Standard lack of diversity (to which yes, I contributed) - I checked when the first 15 players had shown up and we had 2 Eldar, 1 Ork, 1 Sisters, and 11 Marine (Standard, SW, BA, & Chaos accounted for). Of the last 3, 1 of them was Necron, I didn't see what the others brought. 
  3. Typical lack of rules knowledge about moving chargers and multi-charging. Got called in two separate games about "all assaulting models must move in a straight line." They do? No, just the first one... sigh. Oh, and the Logan model uses his stormbolter one-handed, so he gets an extra attack for having two one-handed weapons.
  4. Random enforcement of WYSIWYG. Plasma Cannon Marine can't count as a Multi-Melta (fine by me), but armless Terminators are okay, because they have default equipment.
The Ugly:
  1. I have one bitch and one bitch only here. Fortunately it didn't amount to anything. The guy running the tournament was competing in it - not playing the ringer, competing to win. Josh, on the off chance you read this, let me say I had a great time, you seem like a great guy, and I realize this is a free tournament. But this is a huge no-no. This can only breed bad blood, calls of favoritism at worst - at best, it means that you're ignoring the tournament at large.
Summarized pictureless (doh) batreps to follow.

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