May 17, 2010

Ardboyz Round 2

Ardboyz coverage continued...

Game 2 vs Tyranids (Andy - not from YTTH):

His list -
Hive Tyrant, Wings, Hive Commander
Swarm Lord, 3 Tyrant Guard w/ Lash whips
3 Zoanthropes
2x 2 Hive Guard
3x 20 Hormagaunts, Toxin Sacs
18 Termagaunts
3 Biovores
Tyrranofex w/ Rupture Cannon

Spearhead setup, I'm going first. He's got a poor match-up because he meta'd against vehicles. C'est la guerre. He decides to hold his Swarm Lord, Hive Tyrant, and Zoanthropes in standard Reserve and one squad of Hormagaunts to outflank.

On turn one I advance in a claw formation, GH in the middle and the fast movers taking up both sides in pincer forms. He moves up a unit of Horms to engage my left wolves and kills them - but I remove 13 of them in the process (yay counter-attack). Both of our shooting does little (I wound Tervigon, he kills 3 wolves in my right squad).
Turn two I continue the claw, but decide to forgo most of my Long Fang shooting to get them more into range of his juicy targets and move and run my back two squads (that, and I knew an Outflank was coming) - one GH squad stayed back to support them. Of course, I forgot about the standard long table edge for the arrival of Reserves and his Tyrant popped up right next to an Iron Priest unit, the Swarm Lord by a TWC, and Zoes right by them. His shooting killed one of the TWC in front of the Swarm Lord (happens when you fail a save vs the Rupture Cannon) - but the Zoes did nothing with their shots. The Swarm Lord then ate my TWC and the Tyrant got killed by my IP... sweet! My wolves put a wound on him, he only did 2 back (dead dogs) and the priest finished him off. Thank you, hitting on 3's! That was a bit lucky on my part, but then he made a big mistake by consolidating his Swarm Lord back behind some cover instead of trying to force into my army. Two turns of 12 missiles being fired at the squad killed them without them accomplishing anything else. His Outflankers showed up behind my Long Fangs, but I was far enough away to prevent an arrival + assault.

The rest of his army went down in similar fashion. He wasn't aggressive at all and allowed me to dictate the pace of the game and the assaults.

The remaining highlights include:

  • The Outflankers getting rapid-fired by my GH squad, killing 11 - but the surviving 9 assault my LF, doing 10 wounds... and I pass all my armor saves then kill them off. 
  • Canis broke off from his TWC unit to charge the termigaunts alone. Got 7 attacks on the first round and 9 on the second due to his rules. Ah sweet, sweet carnage. Of course, I did then suicide him into the Tervigon and he managed to do... 1 wound in two rounds of combat before dying.
  • My Lord with Beastslayer (yay, I go t to use it!) single-handedly taking out his Trygon and later Tervigon.

We called the game at the top of turn 5 when he had only a squad of 2 Hive Guard staring at my Lord and a squad of TWC 3 inches away.

VP Results: I claimed his whole army plus 10 extra Termigaunts from the Tervigon (he only generated them once??) for 2550, vs his 1223 that he got from me.
Massacre plus all four bonus conditions as I had a scoring unit in each quarter.


  1. Canis Yiffrider rules all. I was going to ask why Beastslayer instead of Warrior Born but I suppose two dead Monsters answers that question.

    Nicely done, sir :D

  2. Not really Frank - I meant to do Saga of Majesty... I just printed out the wrong list 5 times and I didn't want to have to fix the points and such on all of them. So Beastslayer it was!

  3. lol, so it killed two big bugs and it was a mistake. I hope you told the Nids player that xD