May 16, 2010

Ardboyz BatRep

Sorry about the lack of pics - my camera died in game 1, sigh.

My list:
2500 Pts - Space Wolves Roster
Lord on TW w/ Frost wpn, Beastslayer
Rune Priest, Living Lightning, Tempest Wrath, Chooser of the Slain

2x Iron Priest w/ belt of 3+ & 4 Cyberwolves

3x 10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta
5 Grey hunters, melta
2x 8 Fenrisian Wolves

3x 4 TWC, 1 PFist

3x 5 Long Fangs, 4 ML

Yes, I took a different list than I was planning. Mostly because I was having a hard time getting the razorbacks together for the list.  Ah well. I still had fun.

Game 1 vs Space Wolves (Charles):

His list -
Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest, Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf
Wolf Guard - 3 in Power Armor (1 meltabomb), 2 in Term both with SShield & chainfist, Arjac in LRC, MMelta, XArmor
3x 10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta, 1 pweapon in Drop Pod
2x 10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta, 1 pweapon in Rhino w/ dozer
3x 6 Long Fangs, 5 ML

I wish I had a pic of deployment, because I setup first, then he deployed to focus on my red herring objective which was way out from the other four. This alone single-handedly cost him the game.
So I go first and quickly put units to bunker down on the two objectives right by me and send another off to grab a third, by which he only has a Long Fang unit. My Long Fangs kill 4 ML out of one of his. He drove forward, but didn't deploy anything - with his shooting he killed a couple fenrisian wolves to clear away my cover shield and killed 3 ML in one of my LF squads.
I put 2 meltas in front of his LR and Immobilize and Weapon Destroy (take AssCan) it. I then assault it with dogs and TWC to surround the exits so his 800pt super unit can't get out. Between that and his LR, I have over 1000 pts of his taken out of action.
It takes him two turns, but he manages to get a Rhino over to tank shock my wolves off one exit so he can get out - by this time I have destroyed the rest of his army. He has 2 empty rhinos, 1 drop pod left on the table (other than the super unit) - and one Grey Hunter unit in drop pod that has yet to arrive.
The game has gone really slowly (we only got to turn 4). But at the top of the round, I had 4 objectives, he had none. He did manage to kill my TWC unit that was engaged with his super unit and consolidated towards the nearby unclaimed objective. On his turn he tank shocked one of my GH squads on and objective and they promptly broke. Then he killed 1 out of 4 holding another objective with his drop pod's stormbolter and THEY broke too! I also kindly reminded him that the marker he was moving his super unit towards was a crater he had placed and not the objective, so he corrected and got it.
Wow - at the top of the round I was in a Massacre up 4-0 and when we stopped for time I was up 2-1... duh. And because they were broken, he got full VP for my running man squads. If we had time for another round, the only thing he would have had left on the table would be his super unit - on the other side of the table from everything else. Ah well.
Oh, and I got the bonus point for killing more scoring units.

< more to come - stay tuned >


  1. Hye Jon, firstly congrats on the win.

    I do not know much about Space Wolves but a calvary army does look exciting. Can you explain how your troops as they appear to have lack of mobility. I guess also the Long Fangs camp up some where?


  2. Well done John, looking forward to the rest.

    Care to explain that pic btw? :P

  3. @Mercer: Blog post incoming - expect it tonight.

    @Chumb: My camera wasn't working, so a broken camera is my pic :-P

  4. Tell me, what do you do when half of the opponentens army sits in first or second floor of buildings? I have this problem with my cav list...

  5. @Skip: Well on most terrain boards I play on here, I'm lucky if there's one or two ruins (at the Ardboyz location, there were none with upper levels) so I don't run into it a lot. That said, unless it is a 2 objective game and he's sitting on one of them in the ruins, then he's forfeiting the battlefield to you. The same problem would exist for a biker army.