January 16, 2012

Necron FAQ Review

GW updated a bunch of FAQ's today, including the Necrons. As usual, some really obvious questions got answered, some good questions got answered, and some were left untouched.

Clarifications of Note:

  • Everliving = Reanimation Protocols for purposes of Resurrection Orb (and probably anything else that matters)
  • Can add scarabs to an engaged unit
  • Clarified # of models hit by a Death Ray - still can't believe people thought it hit every model in the unit.
  • Mindshackle Scarabs can cause model to hit itself. Nice. At the same time, IC's get a little protection in that they can hit their accompanying unit.
  • Sad that they had to put it in, but glad to see that they state that the Abyssal Staff uses Ld for purposes of instant death.
  • Lance weapons treat Quantum Shielded vehicles as 12. I could have seen this go either way - but this is the ruling I think is most fair.
  • Tesla Destructors can't Arc if the target unit was destroyed. Interesting. I hadn't even considered this. I like it though.
  • You can take multiple types of Harbingers in a single Court! And you can attach a model to a unit from each Court. This makes the Harbinger of Eternity for the Imotekh combo not such a throw away... but seriously, don't use this combo.
  • IC can Sweep Attack one unit and shoot/assault another. While I realize this is according to how the rules actually are written, I was hoping that it would lock the IC to targeting just that unit. This is kind of a toss up, I don't like the way they ruled, but I'm glad they put it in here.
  • Scarabs have to be placed in coherency with another scarab that wasn't created this turn. Yay, for no conga lines!
  • This just in from the general rulebook FAQ: can't use fire points to draw LoS for non-shooting powers/abilities... Does this mean Anrakyr can't use MitM while on a command barge?? Oh boy - another can of worms opened up potentially with this one.


  • Death Ray part 2. So they clarified the # of models hit in a unit. What about: Can you hit models that are out of Line of Sight from the firing model? Where is cover drawn from - line or PoV of firing model? And again, what armor facing on vehicles is hit - line or PoV?

Other than that one big question about the Death Ray, I'm pretty satisfied with the FAQ. So what do you think? Do you like the rulings? Any that you think they really missed and still need an answer to?


  1. For the last one, the command barge is open topped right? thus it has no fire points and is not subject to the rule.

  2. Yeah, but due to some wording, it's causing a lot of grief. A couple forums have been on fire from it... very heated.

    But yeah, due to the wording of the rule and from Open-Topped transports in the rulebook, it looks like Anrakyr can still be up to his old tricks.