January 10, 2012


Most years, my local gaming store holds an Escalation Event that goes for three months. I'm going to explain some rules, and then ask for some help/insight if you have any.

The purpose of an Escalation is to start new armies, or bring back old ones that perhaps have been sitting on a shelf. Participation is free, and models are not required to be painted - this is really just a modification for friendly play.
Point levels are set at January: 600, February: 900, and March: 1200.

600 points

  • 0-1 HQ
  • 1-3 Troop
  • 0-1 Elites
  • 0-1 Fast Attack
  • 0-1 Heavy Support
  • Required is either [1 HQ + 1 Troop] or [2 Troop]
  • Max 3 vehicles, with no greater than 33 Total Armor Value (front + side + rear)
  • May only take 1 model with more than 3 wounds, none with 4 or more (swarms exempted)
  • No Special Characters
900 points

  • +1 Troop FoC
  • +1 to your choice of FoC: Elites, Fast Attack or Heavy Support
  • Max 5 vehicles, with TAV 34 or less
  • Restrictions on 3 wounds removed, may now take 1 model with 4 or more wounds
1200 points

  • +1 Troop FoC
  • Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support are now all 0-2
  • Required is now 1 HQ + 2 Troop
  • Max 7 vehicles with TAV 38 or less (everything except Land Raider class vehicles)
  • No wound restrictions
  • Special Characters allowed
After the 1200 point level, you're getting to 1500, which is really just a regular game - so it's back to that.

The question I have for anyone that's still reading: How do you find balance at the varying point levels?

I have only played the 600 so far. But at that level, the game really seems to favor shooty armies. Yes, we reduced the table size to 4'x4', but the assault armies so far don't seem to stand a chance. Is this something that you have to suck up at that point level, and know that you'll balance out when the points increase? Perhaps my two games plus the four I witnessed weren't enough of a sample, and I just came away with the wrong impression... What do you think?

My Escalation army list/plan to come. As well as my build plan. Who knows, I may even do a paint blog for my Necrons, yeehaw.

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  1. Well man, the simple fact is, Shooting things to death is MUCH easier.

    Because hitting with BS isn't based on the opponent's corresponding quality (ie, with WS) it becomes much much easier to hit, which results in more attempt to wound (typically at the same, a 4+, although it's again easier to attain a 3+ or better from shooting attacks than close combat ones) - and the fact that Shooting can be done from the far end of the table still in your DZ makes it more abundant as well as better quality.

    Playing at lower points levels magnifies this, especially for armies (IG, Orks, Necrons ,Dark Eldar) who can get a hell of a lot of anti-infantry shots for comparatively little investment.

    PS - Welcome back.