January 11, 2012


Whew! The 6th Edition "leaked" rulebook is not real. Thank goodness.

While there was some good things in the PDF (and a lot of pipe-dreams). There was a lot of "Nope" in it too.
Did anyone else think that the book-keeping in the game would go way up? And any shooty army with a base unit that has a BS of 3 got boned (Guard, Tau). I am so happy this has no bearing on the game - even if it does mention some of the advance rumors that we have heard (levels of Instant Death/Eternal Warrior, etc.).

Anyone else this glad? Or were you hoping it was true? And if so... WHY?


  1. I haven't been immersed in the blogosphere today. How did we find out it was fake?

  2. Same question here. I didn't see anything on the Dakka thread stating is as a fake (other than the obvious wild conjecture on the matter)

  3. Yes, proof please. The more I read of the PDF, the more I think that it's a real test copy. It simplifies the game more than it complicates things.