November 8, 2009

ThunderHOOF Cavalry

So I decided to do a Space Wolves army. I wasn't planning on it, but when I got the Codex, the Thunderwolf Cavalry called out to me - and who am I to deny?

I'll post more as I get stuff done, but here's the (extremely basic) conversions I've done so far. There's no Thunderwolf mount, excepting the inane Canis model - so I looked and looked and decided that I didn't have a viable option that wouldn't force me to take out a 2nd mortgage to run. After that, the decision came down to WHFB Chaos Knights' horses and rider legs or WHFB Dark Elf Cold Ones - and I'd get to find biker legs or do heavy leg modification to get it to work.

Chaos it is.  Yes, the models look VERY spiky, chaosy. I'm going to be filing some off and covering others up - but I'm also rationalizing that SW aren't all that far from Chaos themselves, and maybe my company went just a whee bit overboard.

On to more pics (one note though, I'm not done getting rid of mold lines or chaos symbols - these are kind of my proof of concept):

Canis Wolfborn and Wolf Lord w/ Frost Axe (needs cloak)
Tech Priest with CyberWolves

Thunderwolf Cav models with PowerFist

The basic list is:
Canis Wolfborn
Wolf Lord with Frost Axe on Thunderwolf + Saga of Majesty
2x Tech Priest on Thunderwolf with charm of hitting on 3+ and 4 Cyberwolves
3x 10 Grey Hunters with 2 meltas
2x 10 Fenrisian Wolves
3x 4 Thunderwolf Cavalry with 1 PowerFist

20 wolves + 8 cyberwolves
16 Thunderwolves
30 marines


  1. Awesome, I like the cheap conversion. They look quite nice actually.

  2. I like em John. I have a sneaking feeling that a lot of folks are rooting around looking for wolf cav models around now.

    I've heard there are some good looking wolves in the WARMACHINE range you can stuff a SpaceWolf on and get a decent result with.

  3. I fixed the link to ze blog over on YTTH.

    I can't wait to get rolled with this list. =P

    The Orks should get built for a go at this insanity. lol

  4. This is a fantastic idea, and by far the best conversion I've seen. They are of a size, so at least it fits.

    I'm going to recommend this to a friend who's been struggling with it.


  5. The chaos horses look better than most of the wolf conversions I've seen. Well done, sir.

  6. Sorry for the thread necromancy....but great job. Any further updates on them?

  7. More thread necromancy - how would you run a 1500 point version of this list? Would it be canis-led only?

  8. Have you started painting them yet?

  9. Can't seem to figure this out.

    Fenrisian Wolves and Thunderwolf Cav are both fast attack slots.

    What in the list allows modification to the Force Org Chart?

  10. Canis allows you to take Fenrisian Wolves as troops.
    They can't be scoring units based on thier rules, so you can't hold objectives, but...