November 15, 2010

Review: Skyline

"Don't look up" is this film's tagline... It's supposed to mean, "Don't look up at the light," but I would argue that it means, "Don't look up at the movie screen." Man this was a horrible flick. On a scale of 1-5, I give it 1.5 - and that only because the special effects are really good.
[Warning, mild spoilers]
Plot: Implausible and cheesy. Makes Cloverfield look good. Entire movie consists of scream/run/hide/pout - rinse and repeat.

Characters: Universally unlikeable. They really work at making sure that you don't like these people... which I guess is good, because later in the movie I was cheering for the aliens to kill them off.

Special Effects: The only high mark. Bit of a cross between War of the Worlds and Independence Day style here.

The ending is atrocious. It's obvious that they planned this as having a sequel, and the ending is less fulfilling than Back to the Future II. Really.

At least I only wasted a matinĂ©e ticket price. Can I have my $6 back?  I would recommend waiting until it's out on the Netflix/Redbox to watch it - you probably won't have to wait too long.


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