September 13, 2010

NOVA Open, Game 4 BatRep

Game 4 vs Michael J (finished 50/88, went 2-2 - I know because we were both 2-1 coming into this game)
As usual, at the end of the day I was running out of my ability/desire/memory to take pics during the game, so I have 2 for you. Yeehaw.

There's not a lot to learn from this game - except that if you're going to run mixed Space Wolves (which is totally feasible), then you've got to know how to support your own units when you play against a non-standard list (like mine).

His list - Space Wolves
Wolf Lord, PFist, SShield, WTail Talis, Runic, Saga of Bear, TWolf, 2 Fen Wolves
Rune Priest, Plasma Pistol, Chooser, LivLight, Jaws
Rune Priest, Term Armour, Chooser, LivLight, MurdHurricane
10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta, Drop Pod
3x 10 Grey Hunters, 2 melta, PFist, Drop Pod
Dreadnought, MM/HF, ExArm, Drop Pod
3 TWC, 1 reg, 1 SShield, 1 Pfist + SShield
2 x 5 Long Fangs, 4 Missiles

Primary Mission: Objectives
Secondary Mission: Victory Points
Tertiary Mission: Table Quarters

Deployment: Pitched Battle

I win roll and opt to go 2nd. This is the same mission as round 2 (randomly determined before round started), and I want a) objective grab ability and b) his pods to drop before I do. I use Dante's curse on his uber-Lord.

He deploys his Long Fangs in opposite corners with a Rune Priest to go with each squad. He also deploys a Grey Hunter squad with each Long Fang unit - having their pods drop empty. The TWC are in the middle between the two squads. (no pic)

Turn 1:
He doesn't move his existing squads, drops 2 pods together in front of Mephiston (with guys in them), 1 empty in my back corner objective to contest it unless I can kill it. Everyone tries to shoot up Mephiston, doing a wound.

I move Mephiston forward, and eat one squad (kill 6, squad runs, I catch, 2 more die to fearless wounds) - 2 models left.

Turn 2:
He gets another pod in and moves his Lord & TWC up to deal with Mephy, but makes a pretty critical error. He has to go through terrain to get to me and he's run his Fenrisian Wolves in front of the Lord - and they're the only models that can reach. I kill the last of the squad, plus both wolves - the Lord & TWC run... I so want to let them go and escort them off the table, but I have to try and catch them. Two TWC take fearless wounds.

I drop squads in around the table, shooting up his right Long Fangs and the squad that has dared to go after one of my objectives. Dante's squad precision drops behind the Long Fangs on the back left.
Here's the two pics I took - both at the same time - just after I dropped the units that arrived. Hard to see, but Mehpiston and the TWC are clustered up at the center.

In assault, Mephiston kills his Wolf Lord, and the TWC then take Meph down to 1 wound remaining. He really needed to take him out now to have a shot left in the game.

Turn 3:
His dread shows up now - not sure why this was last. His only assault elements are tied up. He shoots me. A lot. I lose 5 models in three different units. 2+ FNP is a bitch. He does not assault. I can understand his reasoning, but it was flawed. Yes, he isn't optimally geared for assault, and can possibly do more by double-tapping and then still being able to counter-assault when I charge him. But it allows me to get Furious Charge and have more attacks on my turn. He should have just shot assault weapons and tried what was available in assault.

On my turn I drop my last squad in the center to help out Mephiston if he needs it, or to support Dante's squad with the units he's going after, they shoot the dread and it dies. Other shooting kill some people, then I oblige him and assault. I wipe out the squad on my near left objective. Dante and unit separate and they take out the Grey Hunters while Dante kills the Long Fangs (the Rune Priest was locked out of combat) killing most of them. The two units on the back right eat the Grey Hunters and the Rune Priest, but three Long Fangs stick around. Mephiston kills two of the TWC then dies.

Turns 4+:
The game is basically over, he has a couple models locked in combat that are soon to die and a TWC with Storm Shield with 1 wound left.

I mop up and the results:
I win 4 objectives to none, 1895 vp to 990, and 3 table quarters to 1.
The only things he had left on the table were 3 drop pods - which I actually forgot to get half VPs for because they were immobile. DANG IT! Probably was the difference between 10th and 11th place! lawlz.

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